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Solis Facial Serum

Solis Facial Serum

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Solis Facial Serum is your ticket to skin-soothing hydration and restorative care. Naturally packed with retinol, omega-6 fatty acids and vitamins C and E, this serum is sure to renew and invigorate your complexion. Calendula, aka Solis Sponsa, or 'bride of the sun', is a calming herb that supports skin health. Mugwort brings cleansing and toning effects. Antioxidant-rich stinging nettle helps even your tone for a rejuvenated glow. 
Solis Facial Serum is a sumptuous formula that intensely moisturizes without blocking pores; ideal for those prone to acne, redness, or dehydrated skin.
Olive Oil*, Jojoba Oil*, Meadowfoam Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Carrot Seed Oil, Calendula*, Mugwort*, Nettle* and Helichrysum EO
How to use: 
Drop 5-8 drops directly onto freshly washed forehead and cheeks. Massage in gently with fingertips all over your face.


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Customer Reviews

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Glorious face oil

I love this face oil! the smell is gentle and calming and feels so good to massage into the face. It leaves a glowing look without being too oily and I just love! You can tell the ingredients are of quality and made with love.